Professional Supervision

A Transforming Experience Into Authentic Action

Have you heard about Professional Supervision? 

Professional Supervision is not something we do to check if you are doing a good job or not.

It has to do with SUPER-VISION. As supervisor my job is to lead you to see, through specific questions what could be hindering your peace, efficiency, authenticity, authority, righteousness etc. It is about creating a safe and confidential space where you are accompanied and supported to reflect on your own journey, blind spots, sabotaging behavior, struggles, fear, etc., at your own pace. 

Hi, my name is Titane Laurent, Life coach since 2015, Art Therapist, Sculptor, Mentor and Professional Supervisor. Let's grab a coffee and discover together what could be hindering you from moving forward in your role and from aligning with your true joyful authentic self, your full potential.

Still not sure? Let's have a chat to introduce each other and see if we are a good fit for a successful  session.  Click HERE and type "I WANT A FREE CALL" in the subject line. Add you name and I will send you the available session times available.

I look forward to it!

Each session lasts 50MIN ($120/50MIN session - $150/1H20 session) and is available in-person (Office in Sorrento) or via Zoom.