Life Coaching

Your most important Work of Art is the life you are creating
Erwin McManus


It's all about learning how to craft your lives into a divine masterpiece, becoming a better artist of your own existence, discovering and responding to your calling, being inspired, courageous, filled with joy, peace, wisdom and a deep sense of purpose.

If your desire is to step out of morosity. If you want to receive the simple but powerful keys that will lead you to a FULLFILLED LIFE and have your power back, I can show you. With Life Coaching and/or Art Therapy you will become equipped with LIFE CHANGING keys and knowledge that will reposition you into living an authentic life. Each session (group or individual) is based on a system crafted and fitted to your specific needs. Our sessions will leave you with a deep positive sense of transformation. It will set you on a path of joy, peace, inner freedom, excitement and direction. For deeper emotional wounds, Art Therapy, through the process of creativity (painting, drawing,..) has the means to unlock, from the memory of the body, painful emotions. Art Therapy can provide tremendous help with your healing process without the need of thinking, searching or verbally expressing a past trauma.

You are here on earth to experience love, abundance and live life to the fullest! Don't waist it. Grab a coffee and let's discover together what is stopping you from moving forward and/or from aligning with your Higher Self. Book your session now. Still not sure? Let's have a FREE 20MIN chat!

A LIFE COACHING session lasts 50 minutes ($90) or 1H20 ($120) and is available in-person or via Zoom. An ART THERAPY session lasts 1H20 ($150 - 3 sessions minimum) and is available at the studio. Arrangements can be organized for other locations if necessary.