Your most important work of art is the life you are creating...

Our Mission is to help you create a master piece of your life!

In other words, we want to remind you how to tap into your divine calling, Heaven on earth, to experience freedom, inner peace, joy, authentic actions, creativity, provision, etc. 

You are equipped to move mountains and it is Source's great pleasure for you to live a life of bliss, love and gratitude... because truly, it's the only state of mind that will lead you to positively influence your world.

We provide life changing coaching sessions (zoom or face to face), regular free motivational videos based on Christ Consciousness knowledges, Art therapy sessions, abstract workshops and Professional Supervision. Our deepest desire is for you to discover your true calling, hear and trust Source's voice and step out of any mental blockages and preconceived ideas hindering your access to pure Joy.

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MORE THAN ART is for leaders, artists, dreamers, left of centers, life meaning seekers and Christ fans.

Come as you are!

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