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  Titane Laurent
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GOD STUFF, the original cartoon series by Titane Laurent, is a light-hearted yet poignant look at the bible through the eyes of an imaginative and plucky little girl.

Godís Stuff is truly universal, a sweet yet powerful cartoon, thematically appealing to different levels of readership. It is enjoyed by children, adults and scholars alike.

Godís Stuff has been described as expressing the timeless message of scripture in an extraordinary new way that is variously pithy, profound, humorous and reflective.


P.S. Use or reproduction of these cartoons is subject to copywrite. Please contact us via email for permission.

Six Things Clean Your Room Corrupt United
Son Of Man Vinegar To Teeth Aliens Your Tongue
No Talent Judas Not Love Listen My Son
Go to the Ants Two Are Better Horse Love Covers
Man's Ways Monopoly Never Tired Time to Die
Wash Your Feet When Words Are Many Wisdom Lying Lips
Discipline's Girlfriend Wisdom is on the Lips Love Heart from the Butcher Love My Simple Ways
Wisdom is Supreme Accurate Weights Come With Me One Flesh
Nothing Better Dust You Are Let Man Rule Adam
Aardvark Cherubim God Formed Man In The Beginning
Your Desire Big Deal Eat Your Vegies The 6th Day
Miss has a Crush John the Baptist Three Wise Men Jesus' Sandals
Noah's Ark Get the Road Ready Bread Alone Rudolph