The Laurent Gallery is presently looking for new artists to exhibit.

To apply email with the following:

- CV of your artistic/exhibiting history

- Some pictures of your recent work (minimum 6).

- A word doc outlining your vision and concept for your exhibition.

The Laurent Gallery


The Laurent Gallery is a new contemporary art space located just a stone throw from CBD and from Port Melbourne Beach. Situated on the edge of South Melbourne’s industrial area, it is a haven of art, peace and culture.

The gallery boasts beautiful natural light, state of the art lighting, Bluetooth surround sound music system and a café.

We offer two types of exhibitions, Fully Curated or Hire Space.  

Curated exhibitions last for 3 weeks and include curatorial installation, opening night catering, catalogue, print invitations, banner advertising in Art Almanac, social media posts and a call out to our mailing list.

Hire Space exhibitions last for 1 week and include hanging assistance, lighting setup and line advertising in Art Almanac.

The Laurent Gallery consists of 4 individual Spaces: See below for 2017 pricing.

Space 1

SIZE: 21 Lineal Meters

Curatorial Exhibition (3 weeks)                  $1500
Hire Space (1 week)                                     $1200

Space 2

SIZE: 17 Lineal Meters

Curatorial Exhibition (3 weeks)                  $700
Hire Space (1 week)                                     $400

Space 3

SIZE: 10 Lineal Meters

Curatorial Exhibition (3 weeks)                  $700
Hire Space (1 week)                                     $400

Space 4

SIZE: 40 Lineal Meters

Curatorial Exhibition (3 weeks)                  $1250
Hire Space (1 week)                                     $700

The Spaces

Space 1 is our premiere space, with 4m high white walls and direct sunlight from the large front windows.

Space 2 also has 4m high white walls and includes hallways and the bar area for a more home like experience.

Space 3 is a raised platform offering a more intimate environment.

Space 4 is the outside walls of 12 brand new art studios and provides 40 meters of 2.4-meter-high white wall. Each corridor has its own professional hanging system. This gallery is recommended for a large number of smaller art works and for group exhibitions.


Curatorial Exhibition
The Curatorial Exhibition is designed to make your life easy. Deliver your art work on the Wednesday and we'll have a chat about your ideas. We curate, hang and adjust the lighting. Your job is to rock up on Thursday night for the opening and enjoy. We'll look after the exhibition for you from there on in, dealing with all enquiries and sales.

The Opening Night Catering includes wine, carbonated water, staff, glasses and cleaning. You will be responsible for any food.

We take care of all aspects of the Catalogue. Just supply us with the name, size, medium and price of each piece and your artistic statement and we take care of the rest.

Hire Exhibition
The Hire Exhibition is designed for emerging artists who are looking for a more affordable option and don't mind doing some of the leg work themselves. The good news is that we still look after all enquiries and sales, so you don't need to be here for the entire exhibition.

Other Terms and Conditions

The Laurent Gallery takes 25% commission. Your details as an artist and information regarding the exhibition at the gallery remain on our website.

Insurance of the art work is not included.